All You Need to Know About Amputation After Car Crash Accident And Claim

Road accidents are unpredictable and happen on a regular basis. Studies show that motor vehicle accidents on the road contribute to significant deaths in the UK. In case the person gets severely injured, he may have to lose one or more limbs. Lucky are those who walk away with minor injuries.

But it is catastrophic for the person and his family who has to go through amputation after a car crash accident. Not only he has to live his life further as a handicap, but the accident takes a huge toll on his physical, mental, and financial well-being.

What to know about amputation after a car crash accident?

An amputation is the surgical removal of limbs of a person due to the permanent damage caused in the extremities due to a pertaining illness, trauma, or accident. In the situation where amputation occurs due to negligence on the road, then the injured person makes the claim and get the compensation.

You need to find a reliable and trusted personal injury lawyer in London to help you make the claim for amputation after a car crash accident. With the help of a dedicated personal injury specialist like CSO Legal, you will be able to prove that the injury caused by accident wasn’t your fault. It was the negligence of someone else who gave you this physical and mental trauma.

How financially burdensome could be an amputation?

Car accidents following amputation are catastrophic and impose a substantial financial as well as emotional burden. Sometimes, people are able to cope up with the emotional burden. Still, they cannot cope with the financial burden of job loss and a hefty amount of medical bills for ongoing medication after the amputation. The financial burden that comes all of the sudden after amputation injury includes:

  • Cost of prosthetic limbs: Prosthetics limbs definitely improve the quality of life of an amputee, but they are expensive. A custom-made prosthetic limb with regular upgrade and replacement costs a lot.
  • Cost of rehabilitation services: Rehabilitation is the act of making a person restart his life again after a traumatic incident. In case of amputation after a car crash accident, the amputee has to adjust to his new lifestyle and learn to live his new life with prosthetics. The rehabilitation for amputation cases involves physiotherapy, counselling, etc.
  • Cost of modifying the home as per the amputee: After amputation, the house of an amputee also needs to undergo small changes to make the house safe for the amputee to live and use. The moderations involve amending railings, staircases, etc.
  • Cost of mental rehabilitation: The cost involves the cost of therapy an amputee goes under with a psychologist to overcome PTSD caused by the amputation after a car crash accident. 

So, all the above mentioned medical help and amendments cost a lot of fortune, which could be unbearable for an amputee to cope with. Therefore, you should immediately seek legal assistance from a highly recognized and experienced personal injury specialist in London to get the entitled claim amount.

Why do you require an experienced solicitor or a specialist in making a claim?

Filing the claim against the person who caused the irreversible injury to you requires expertise. This is a legal process where the person responsible for the accident that caused your amputation has to be identified and proved guilty in the early stage for the quick process of the amputation claim.

An expert solicitor listens to the side of the story and advices you whether you are entitled to the claim or not. The solicitor questions you about the incidents and asks other relevant information before filing the accident claim.

A credible solicitor only takes up your case when you have enough evidence to prove that amputation or loss of limb was purely related to the car crash.  

In the case of hiring a skilled and highly experienced solicitor from CSO Legal, he helps you with:

  • Investigation of your claim and collection of pieces of evidence.
  • Preparation of medical records and amputation related documents.
  • Recording statements of witnesses from the sight of the accident to medical professionals who performed the amputation.
  • Preparation of financial records to show financial losses after the accident and amputation.
  • Collection of photographs of the accident location, injuries, and items that caused amputation.

What is covered under the accident amputation claim?

Accident amputation claim covers various elements, including loss of earnings, rehabilitation cost, medication and prosthetic costs, travel expenses during therapy, and the cost of retraining an amputee to start up a new career prospect. Other than these, you can also include other losses which occurred due to the accident, which cost you amputation. 

A well-regarded and experienced solicitor will take care of all elements while placing a claim request on your behalf. 

Why should you choose CSO as a personal injury specialist in London? 

 CSO Legal has more than 20 years of experience in practising personal injury law and helping many clients get successful claims. Our core qualities include:

  • Providing free assessment to our clients 
  • Not charging any upfront fees so that clients do not have to pay anything for our representation if the claim has no success
  • Working hard to provide our clients genuine compensation for their losses

We in CSO Legal aim to help people get justice and monetary claim for the physical, emotional and financial losses they bore due to the negligence of someone else. For any assistance in London, contact us now. As you inform us about your situation and need for legal assistance, we will come to see you at the location and time you prefer.