Brain/Head Injury Claims – Guide Sheet

Follow our guide on Brain/Head injury claims today to get a better understanding of what to do if you find yourself in this situation. If you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault, then you may be able to claim compensation to provide you the financial relief you may need during this difficult period of adjustment.

1. What is a brain/head injury and typical symptoms?

A brain and head injury concerns an injury to the head or brain that produced physiological dysfunction of the brain. Typical brain injury symptoms include loss of consciousness, persistent headache, repeating vomiting or nausea and dizziness.

2. How much compensation do you get for a brain/head injury?

The extent of compensation is affected by:

  • the degree of insight, if any;
  • life expectancy;
  • the extent of physical limitations;
  • requirement for gastrostomy for feeding;
  • sensory impairment;
  • ability to communicate with or without assistive technology;
  • extent of any behavioural problems;
  • the presence of epilepsy and how well it is controlled.

Using the 15th Edition of the Judicial College Guidelines for the Assessment of Damages, it can be estimated that a typical award for compensation when a claim suffers:

  • a very severe brain damage is between £264,650 to £379,100
  • a moderately severe brain damage is between £205,580 to £264,650
  • a moderate brain damage is between £40,410 to £205,580
  • a less severe brain damage is between £14,380 to £40,410
  • a minor brain or head injury is between £2,070 to £11,980

The compensation received will include:

  • General damages – i.e compensation for the loss of arm, the trauma and suffering.
  • Travel expenses – i.e. the amount paid to travel to medical appointments.
  • Medical expenses – i.e. the amount paid for medical aids such as prescriptions, counselling bills or physiotherapy.
  • Loss of earnings - e actual losses of earnings and future wages are considered.
  • Care and Assistance – i.e past and future, whether paid for or gratuitously provided by friends and family.
  • Aids and adaptions to home and car

3. What to do if you have suffered a brain/head injury accident?

The best course of action after an accident is for your family and friends to gather as much information as possible about the event on your behalf. We advise to note details such as contact number, name and address of any possible witness’s or the driver if you accident involves a motor-vehicle accident. If there is a driver in your case, also record the model, make and number plate of the car and police involvement. 

If possible, photographs of the scene and your injuries would provide strong evidence for your case. If unable to do so yourself, feel free to ask someone for help to take these photographs.

A great support for your case would be to record monetary loss during this period. Monetary loss includes travel costs, prescriptions and physiotherapy as well as proof of income that you have loss due to the inability to go to work after the accident.

We will, as soon as possible, press the other side for interim payment (money in advance) so you can start to obtain rehabilitation and make as good as a recovery as circumstances allow.

4. How to begin a claim?

Feel free to call us on 0203 380 9406 or email on [email protected] to speak to our friendly yet professional solicitors who will guide you through the next steps. You can expect to have a free telephone or in person consultation where our solicitors will find out more about your injury and guide you through our No Win, No fee service. This means you will not have to pay anything if the claim is unsuccessful. Our solicitors will be able to answer all your questions at this point.

If you have any queries about your claim, you can contact our solicitors at any time of the process. But if you want to research more about your claim and the type of claim you are moving forward with, we recommend reading through the information on our website www.csolegal.com

5. Why choose csolegal to begin your claim?

We pride ourselves in being a helpful hand to those who need our help. We are here to support you throughout the process, and we will keep you updated regularly about the progression of your case.

Our expert solicitors have been helping others with their claims for over 20 years which means there is no problem that they have not already solved, and this experience will mean that your claim is in the best hands possible. Our solicitors motivations are to get the most favourable outcome for you and for you to claim the damages that you deserve and put in place rehabilitation for you as soon as possible.

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6. Contact details

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