Mr J B

Mr J B's case was rejected by the first firm of solicitors who represented him. He had a motorcycle accident which resulted in an amputation of part of one of his legs. After lengthy investigations, instructing a Collision Damage expert, interviewing police, site reports, interviewing witnesses, meetings with barristers and difficult and protracted negotiations with a very experienced representative on the other side we obtained a settlement on split liability and damages for the client which was the equivalent of settling for £700,000 on a full liability basis.

In arriving at a quantum figure we instructed numerous medical experts including consultant orthopedic surgeons, consultant psychologists, vascular surgeons, etc. In addition, occupational therapists and physiotherapists and employment and vocational experts all helped to put in place a care and rehabilitation regime for the client, which greatly improved his condition and his family life and the pressures and strains the injury put on his wife and children. In addition, the client was able to give serious consideration to getting back to work, again assisting with his financial and domestic life. We understand the bulk of the money was spent paying off the mortgage on the newly adapted home he and his family lived in, thereby securing his and his families financial future and giving him peace of mind.

We were very ably assisted by experienced counsel through out the process and regular conferences and meetings with client. The whole process was explained to the client at every stage and all of that from a client who came to us following the first and larger firm of solicitors discontinuing and rejecting his case. We at CSO believe in the personal, professional and human touch.

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Mrs. M from Oxford

Mrs. M suffered a serious lower back injury as a result of slipping on a wet floor in the bathroom at her place of work. Mrs. M was unable to return to work as a result of her accident related symptoms. For a long time the insurers denied liability, but after Compensation Solicitors Online obtained further evidence in the form of witness statements and raised a number of liability arguments the insurers made a complete U turn and fully admitted liability. Suitable medical evidence was then obtained and a final settlement of £80 000 was agreed. This case was testament to Compensation Solicitors Online’s ability and ethos to keep fighting hard to achieve the best possible result for their clients.

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Mrs. L from Watford

Mrs. L sustained a number of very serious injuries as the result of being a passenger on a safari truck whilst on holiday in Namibia, when the driver lost control of the truck causing it to overturn. Mrs. Linwood’s injuries were initially life threatening and she received emergency medical treatment whilst in Namibia. Mrs. L’s injuries were such that part of her hand and fingers required amputation and she was left with permanent facial disfigurement. Mrs. L underwent a number of gruelling medical procedures upon returning to the UK. Compensation Solicitors Online were able to bring an action against the travel company that Mrs. L booked the holiday through under the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992. Liability was admitted in full. After determined negotiations a settlement figure of £265 000 was reached with the insurers. This represented a significant increase on the insurers opening offer and is testament to Compensation Solicitors Online skill and determination when negotiating so as to obtain the best possible results for their clients.

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Mrs. M from London

Mrs. M suffered a psychological illness as the result of a prolonged and extremely unpleasant period of bullying in her workplace. After issuing court proceedings and obtaining a number of complex medical reports settlement was finally agreed at £80 000. Mrs. M was a vulnerable and emotional lady who required great care and attention when communicating with and the eventual conclusion to this case was testament to the case handlers people skills and ability to listen and empathise with clients.

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Mr. O from Catford

Mr. O was involved in a car accident, when the Defendant pulled out from a side road. Mr. O’s previous firm of solicitors obtained medical evidence and advised Mr. O to settle for £3.750 despite his significant ongoing symptoms.

Mr. O straightforwardly changed solicitors to Compensation Solicitors Online where we obtained multi-disciplinary medical evidence to substantiate the Claimant’s claim and ongoing symptoms. Court proceedings were issued and the Claimant finally settled for approximately £120,000.

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Mr. W from Essex

Mr. W was playing Sunday League football when he was injured in a tackle by an opposing player. The matter was complicated by the fact the Essex FA refused to give out the Defendant’s details or a copy of any referees report. Compensation Solicitors Online traced the Defendant, issued court proceedings and forced the FA to give out the information that substantiated the Claimant’s claim and the matter settled for £20,000.

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Mrs. C from York

Mrs. C. a keen horse rider, had seen an advert for a horse for sale. The horse was described by the owner as a “safe, sensible all rounder.” However when Mrs. C. rode the horse, it was not as described and spooked easily throwing Mrs. C from the horse causing her to fracture her heel bone. Animal claims are always fraught with difficulty and the law is complex in this error, but after issuing court proceedings, Mrs. C. settled her claim for £22,000.

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Mr. F.

Mr. F. was a warehouse operative when he fell from height at work whilst loading a forklift truck. The Claimant suffered a severe head injury which impacted his and his family’s life. Liability was denied by the Defendant, though an initial offer to “buy off” the Claim was made at £20,000. After tough negotiations with the other side including a meeting with the other side in person (saving the Claimant the stress of Court proceedings), settlement of the Claim was achieved over £275,000, more than 13 times the defendant's first offer, allowing Mr. F and his family to move on to a more secure future.