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Proposal to make it harder for cyclists to claim compensation scrapped

Under the proposed revision to the Civil Liability bill, the threshold for bringing small claims was to be raised from the current threshold of £1,000 to a proposed £5,000. The proposal would have excluded bringing a claim for the vast majority of cycling related injuries, leaving claimants with no access to justice. The decision has elicited praise, with Justice Secretary David Gauke adding that it was a “victory for common sense”.

Fundamentally dishonest claimants face contempt proceedings

A High Court Judge has permitted a contempt of court application to go ahead following new CCTV evidence coming to light. The claimants in the matter had originally claimed serious whiplash injuries from a road traffic accident involving a bus. However, the new evidence shows the claimant’s car had hardly moved upon impact with the bus. This gross fabrication has led to contempt proceedings being levelled as the claimants, with Mr Justice Spence adding that there was “a significant public interest” in allowing contempt cases such as this to proceed.



Councils pay out over £2 million in pavement trips

According to freedom of information requests at the behest of the AA, Councils paid out over £2 million pounds in compensation from pavement trips. Over the calendar year, 10,200 claims were brought against councils nationwide under which claimants cited poor maintenance of the pavement as a key factor. The president of the AA, Edmund King added that there was a particular danger in areas where councils have switched off street lights due to cost-saving measures.