Change Solicitors

‘Can I change my solicitor?’

The simple answer to that is Yes.

It is routine for us to be contacted by client’s who are dissatisfied with their existing solicitors advice and or service. The most common reasons given for changing solicitors include the following:
– Telephone calls not being returned and not advising clients as to the status of their case;
– Client’s unhappy with their medical reports and/or the solicitors advice as to the value of their claim;
– Client’s insurer have nominated one of their panel solicitors and thereby depriving the client of their freedom of choice for legal representation.

‘What will it cost me to change solicitors?’

It will cost you nothing.

‘Will it affect my claim?’

No. Not adversely. It is a matter of record that we regularly obtain much higher settlements than our predecessors in cases where we have inherited the file of papers from another firm of solicitors. We are proud of the standard of service that we provide our clients and the size of damages that we obtain settlement for. Furthermore, in cases where clients come to us after offers have been made by insurance companies prior to the client obtaining any legal representation, we average settlements of between 3 to 4 times higher than their original offer.

‘What are the steps to transfer my claim?’

We will discuss your reasons for wanting to transfer with you first and if we consider it appropriate, we will send you an authority to sign for your file of papers to be transferred. We will then send your authority to the existing solicitors.

Before your current solicitors transfer the file to us, we will usually have to give them notice preserving their costs. This means that when your case settles successfully, the other side’s bill as well as our own is presented to the third party insurance company for payment. You do not pay anything to your existing solicitor for transferring the file. They will receive payment for their costs from the other side at the end of the successful conclusion of the case. You may be liable to pay a success fee to your existing solicitor depending on what was agreed at the outset between you and your legal representatives. We will be happy to look over the paperwork for you and advise you accordingly.

‘Is it always appropriate to transfer solicitors?’

No, sometimes not. There may be times when your Solicitor has done a good job on your case, but has failed to communicate clearly with you what work they have been doing on your behalf.

Furthermore, in some rare cases it is the client who is the problem and has had a succession of different solicitors. Often such clients have unrealistic expectations as to the strength and value of their case.
If you would like to discuss matters generally with us, please call us on 0208 203 5031 for a free and without obligation confidential discussion about your case.


Mr J B

Mr J B’s case was rejected by the first firm of solicitors who represented him. He had a motorcycle accident which resulted in an amputation of part of one of his legs. After lengthy investigations, instructing a Collision Damage expert, interviewing police, site reports, interviewing witnesses, meetings with barristers and difficult and protracted negotiations with a very experienced representative on the other side we obtained a settlement on split liability and damages for the client which was the equivalent of settling for £700,000 on a full liability basis.

In arriving at a quantum figure we instructed numerous medical experts including consultant orthopedic surgeons, consultant psychologists, vascular surgeons, etc. In addition, occupational therapists and physiotherapists and employment and vocational experts all helped to put in place a care and rehabilitation regime for the client, which greatly improved his condition and his family life and the pressures and strains the injury put on his wife and children. In addition, the client was able to give serious consideration to getting back to work, again assisting with his financial and domestic life. We understand the bulk of the money was spent paying off the mortgage on the newly adapted home he and his family lived in, thereby securing his and his families financial future and giving him peace of mind.

We were very ably assisted by experienced counsel through out the process and regular conferences and meetings with client. The whole process was explained to the client at every stage and all of that from a client who came to us following the first and larger firm of solicitors discontinuing and rejecting his case. We at CSO believe in the personal, professional and human touch.

Mr. O from Catford

Mr. O was involved in a car accident, when the Defendant pulled out from a side road. Mr. O’s previous firm of solicitors obtained medical evidence and advised Mr. O to settle for £3.750 despite his significant ongoing symptoms.

Mr. O straightforwardly changed solicitors to Compensation Solicitors Online where we obtained multi-disciplinary medical evidence to substantiate the Claimant’s claim and ongoing symptoms. Court proceedings were issued and the Claimant finally settled for approximately £120,000.

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