Whenever you agree to participate in a sporting activity you accept some risk of injury. However, where you are injured as a result of someone else's unreasonable behaviour (i.e. a reckless tackle) you can potentially bring a claim for those injuries.

If you have been injured in a sporting accident that was not your fault we can help you to bring a claim for compensation. Contact us today for a FREE assessment of your case.

Our expert team will work with you to take detailed instructions, and to consider all aspects of your claim and maximise the value of your claim.

We can attend you at your home, if necessary, to discuss the following key points with you:

  • Accident circumstances
  • Funding

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What type of sport injury can you claim for?

Obviously, there is some degree of risk and contact to which you agree when participating in a sport activity. Therefore, you will not be able to bring a claim if you have simply tripped over and fallen, or you have been injured by the lawful tackle of another.

However, if you have been provided with faulty equipment, or your accident was caused due to improperly maintained surface, you may be able to bring a claim for compensation for personal injury. Furthermore, you may be able to claim if you have been illegally tackled while playing football or rugby, for example. Moreover, you may also be able to claim as a spectator if the public viewing area was unsafe and this caused your accident.

Examples of circumstances in which you could claim:

  • A reckless football tackle
  • Injuries as a spectator
  • Faulty equipment (e.g. faulty helmet)
  • Assault by a fellow player while playing a rugby game
  • Strike by a golf ball

It is irrelevant whether your accident occurred at school, college, university, work, private property, council owned property or public property. You still may be able to claim.

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What should you do if you have been involved in an accident?

  • You should write a detailed account of what happened including a sketch of the location.
  • You must ensure that you have the name and address of any witnesses.
  • If possible, you should request a copy of the referee's match report.
  • You should seek medical advice for your injuries as soon as possible. With some injuries (e.g. neck and shoulder injuries) the symptoms may take a few days to develop, but get medical attention as soon as you can.
  • You should keep a record of your out of pocket expenses (e.g. travel expenses, prescription charges, walking sticks, etc.) and keep any receipts.

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How compensation can help after a sport injury?

We understand that people who enjoy playing sports find it greatly frustrating and upsetting if they are prevented from doing so, especially if you have been injured because of someone else's negligence. You may wish for them to be held accountable for their conduct, and quite rightly so.

We will take your claim forward ensuring that you get the compensation that you deserve, together with the necessary rehabilitation treatment in order to assist and speed up your recovery.

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Case studies

Dangerous football tackle
Our client was participating in the Sunday Football League. He was playing a match and his team was winning. Our client had the ball when the defendant dove into his legs and tackled him. This caused our client to break his fibula and tibia bones on both of his legs. We represented our client in suing the other player directly. Initially, liability was being firmly denied. However, we managed to acquire evidence such as the referee report and some witness statements which accounted for the severity and recklessness of the tackle. Counsel had estimated the claim at £21,000-£24,000, with 40-45% chance of our client getting nothing. After five years of liaising we managed to secure compensation for the amount of £22,000 for our client.

Golf ball strike
Our client was playing golf. He was standing on the green when suddenly his partner (the defendant) took a shot which was not part of the game. The ball flew and struck our client in the eye. In suing the defendant we managed to secure compensation of £50,000 for our client's injury. 

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What will a claim entail?

We can simplify the complexity of making a personal injury claim and summarise it in three steps:
Establishing liability (who was responsible for the accident):
The first step is to show who was at fault for the accident to take place and to what degree. This is not necessarily straightforward and sometimes contributory negligence may be found (the victim has contributed to some extent to the harm that s/he has suffered). However, this concept only plays a role in calculating the compensation value and does not affect the establishing of liability.

Showing causation (showing that the accident caused the injury):
Once a degree of liability has been established, it must be demonstrated that the resulting injury has been caused by the accident, and not by a previous medical condition or another accident, for example.

Calculating the quantum (establishing the appropriate amount of compensation):
The compensation in such cases will have the purpose of attempting to put the claimant in the position s/he has been in before the accident. It is our specialist solicitors' job to liaise with medical and other experts in order to prepare a Schedule of Loss, setting out the solutions and costs to all problems which the claimant has or may have in the future, as a result of the accident.

Our expert solicitors have experience in achieving the best results in all the three steps of the process, thus ensuring that you get the best compensation which you deserve.

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It is our priority to ensure that you get the right medical/rehabilitative treatment, as well as expert advice on nursing care and disability aids (e.g. wheel chair ramps, bathroom/car adaptations) as quickly as possible. This can make a real difference in your life.

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There are a variety of funding options open to you. We will discuss these options with you in more detail and where appropriate represent you on a no win no fee basis (also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement).

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Generally, personal injury claims have a three year time limit i.e. court proceedings have to be issued at least one day before the third anniversary of the accident , otherwise they will be time barred and you will no longer be able to pursue your claim. (There are a few exceptions to this rule and the court does have some very limited discretion to extend the various time limits). You can still pursue a claim for personal injury after the third anniversary of the accident, you just have to make sure court proceedings have been issued before that third anniversary in order to do so. We will be happy to discuss this further with you.

If you are a minor at the time of the accident, i.e. under 18 then the 3 year limitation date period starts to run after you have turned 18. Furthermore, there also a complicated set of rules that allows the 3 years limitation date period to run from the date of knowledge of the incident/accident. These rules normally apply to clinical/medical negligence cases or industrial disease claims, where they may be a long latency period between the incident giving rise to your claim and you first suffering any symptoms and becoming aware of it. The rules on this are technical and we will, once again, be happy to discuss this in detail with you.

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There are two parts to any compensation claim, consisting of two types of damages:

General damages
General damages are calculated as a part of the compensation based on the type of injury and are designed to compensate for pain and suffering and the impact on the claimant's enjoyment of life.

Special damages
Special damages are the more variable part of the compensation and depend on individual circumstances. The claimant may be able to recover:

  • Expenses relating to the cost of living with any disability;
  • Expenses to cover services provided by other people;
  • Increased accommodation costs;
  • Loss of earnings;
  • Medical expenses;
  • The cost of buying in care.

Establishing the level of special damages to be paid is a crucial part of a compensation claim. Compensation Solicitors Online have experience in compensation claims in cases of sports injuries.

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Make a claim

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