Your Guide to RTA Amputation Claim Stanmore

Amputation is a medical procedure of removing one or both limbs caused due to some injury or pertaining medical conditions. But when amputation involves a traumatic road experience due to negligence of others, you may be liable to make a personal injury claim. Such type of claim is called Road Traffic Accident Amputation Claim. If you have been looking for the complete guide of RTA amputation Stanmore, you are at the right place.

Different types of injuries/amputation involved 

Filing a personal injury RTA claim can make a huge difference to your life after amputation. Therefore, you should get the consultation done at your convenience with a specialist claim solicitor for amputation. You can minimize the time and handwork included in the task by accessing help from specialist solicitors. 

As you contact our expert solicitor at the earliest, they will help you with all your queries and put your effort in the right direction. We help you claim injury/amputation caused by the negligence of others. The injuries for which you can make a successful claim are cycling accidents hit & run accidents, motorcycling accidents, fatal road accidents, accidents involving child and brain or spinal injuries. 

But often, the serious repercussions of such severe road traffic accident results in amputation. The amputation here does not only mean the removal of limbs. But it could be the removal of any body part, including ear, nose, limbs, fingers, etc. The three common types of amputation are;

  1. Toe/finger amputation: Toes help you maintain body balance while in the standing position. The loss of one of the toes can affect your body balance. You may not be able to run or walk properly. 
  2. Arm/hand amputation: Hands are essential to carry out daily activities. In amputation, the loss of even one of them can reduce your ability to carry out daily activities and pose a great degree of disability. 
  3. Leg/Foot amputation: Again leg and foot are of great physical advantages. The loss of any of them can reduce your mobility. In most scenarios, you need to get prosthetics or a wheelchair to get life going. 

Apart from the injuries and types of amputations, your medical procedure may also demand physiotherapy for rehabilitation. So, whatever type of amputation you may have to go through, you can seek assistance from CSO Legal for RTA amputation claim assistance. 

The RTA amputation claim process and compensation 

The expert specialists for RTA amputation claims will work tirelessly to make your compensation claim successful. The whole process is taken care of sensitively so that you can recover from such a blistering financial jolt and get your life back on track. 

The amputation claim settlements are more critical than personal injury claims, and therefore, it requires more expertise in handling. Moreover, the claim solicitor has to look into every aspect of the road traffic accident to make the RTA amputation claim successful. 

The whole process involves;

  • Giving detailed advice on amputation claims and factors which could help make it successful. 
  • A thorough assessment of injury and damage happened to the person and its vehicle if involved any.
  • Carrying out a thorough assessment by the third-party medical person. 
  • Making treatments accessible that is not available by NHS.
  • Extending help related to financial assistance. 
  • Assisting clients to find the best prosthetics.
  • Managing to provide amputation compensation payments. 

At CSO Legal, we have handled RTA amputation claim procedures for many clients and the individual cases have brought their own respective challenges. However, our expert solicitors don’t let such hurdles affect the claim process and make the claim successful for our clients. 

However, we would expect our clients to explain to us key points factually. The key points include circumstances arrived post-injury and amputation, the nature and severity of the injury, total expenses bore by clients and loss of earnings. When our clients explain all these points factually, we utilize those details to strengthen your claim application and get you successfully claim compensation for;

  • Prosthetics cost
  • Retraining and rehabilitation cost
  • Property adaptation cost
  • Healthcare expenses and support cost
  • Other medical treatment and therapy cost

No win-No fee RTA amputation claims

CSO Legal is a firm of experienced solicitors that values compassion. We do not choose to overburden our clients if, by any chance, the RTA amputation claim is not successful. Unsuccessful claims are a rarity. So, get free assistance from our expert amputation claim solicitor and move one step near to victory. 

We are available for an obligation free chat. You can contact us on 0203 380 9406, or you can choose to send your detailed application via email. The email address is [email protected]. Prompt and quick response is our guarantee.